Cardi B tackles next government institution on her new album “Civil Forfeiture Is Legalized Robbery”


Rapper Cardi B announces she is taking on a new US Government entity on her upcoming album “Civil Forfeiture Is Legalized Robbery.”

This is to be her second studio album following her groundbreaking debut “Invasion of Privacy,” a cohesive verbal condemnation of the NSA’s reputation of duplicitous surveillance.

The grammy-nominated rapper inspired fans with songs like “Snowden The GOAT” and especially her single “Paul Nakasone Can Suck My Dick” where she spit outlandish lyrics like “NSA on some wack shit with they goofy spying tactics. Okrrrrrr!”

Now she’s prepared to release her recently finished singles “Police Be Stealin’ Our Shit, Damn” and “I Can’t Make Money Moves If Cops Take It Away For No Reason.” With co-production by Metro Boomin’ and DJ Mustard, Cardi is ready to shock the world with her emphatic lines like “If they take my lambo, i’ll be really fuckin’ pissed, boi.”

For those unaware, civil asset forfeiture is the process by which the police or government are legally permitted to seize any property unlawfully possessed by a citizen. But in recent times, the law has been widely abused by corrupt cops who take what they want simply because it would be nice to have, rather than upholding the values of the lawmakers who put it in place. Cardi B has had enough of this and is ready to make a big step towards obliterating the legal loophole.

Cardi also covers a plethora of topics outside of property/asset forfeiture on her record. Stay tuned for the variety of tracks on the album where Cardi takes a conceptual detour. On the track “Harrassment Should Stop,” she discusses how disgruntled she and much of the American public are about the prevalence of sexual harrassment in contemporary culture. The song is sure to re-ignite the flame toted by the #TimesUp and #MeToo campaigns that helped shine a light on the shocking commonality of harassment in the workplace.

There’s one more detail we didn’t miss. Like Kanye West with his jaw wired shut, Cardi will not let her current condition stop her from rapping. Even months into her pregnancy, she is determined to shine a light on such a neglected issue. In a recent interview, she stated “If more people knew about this, more justice would happen, knerm shayin’? Bababababap!”

“Civil Forfeiture is Legalized Robbery” is set to be released soon, so get ready to turn up to what should be 2018’s most socially conscious rap effort.


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