23 Year-old Ends Misogyny

“Well I mean, i see all of these 16-year-old girls listen to hip-hop and I’m like ‘Wow you’re gonna let that guy talk to you like that, when I can do the same while insulting your taste?'”

The Sexphonescreens are currently doing a DIY show at that one bar tonight, its daughters come in free-night.

(Could not find any real pictures but this is how they look, you know the type)

“I’m not racist, it’s just really really scary music. Like no way, JosĂ©. Only gun I use is this Love Gun, which, by the way, is our new single.”

The single comes in with a truly beautiful chorus.

“You a mature one oooooo
Try my love gun ooooooo”

It has an excessive amount of reverb, part of the “New wave.”

“I mean, music is supposed to be deep, and rap isn’t it’s just tons of mumbling with no coherent story.”

Verse 1 on love gun goes as such

“Oooo silence
Is sad
So pow on my love gun
Make me glad ooooo
My rocketship is for us
Music is so fun”

But this is not their only fight to end misogyny, their drummer’s assault case he says in defense,

If she didn’t want to get hit, she should of stayed out of the pit.

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