Famous Fortnite Tourament Makes Drake a Great Dad

This one is a tear jerker. Drake the modern renaissance man, musician, actor, Fortnite player and, as of just recently, a great father. With the rapper playing the Epic Games hit Fortnite again for the greatest duo, you’d want from him for a Father’s Day Tournament. Yup, you guessed it. He’s teaming up with Ninja again.

Here come the Watergates.

In the first round, they will take on the duo Pusha T and Adidon, and this is what Drake had to say.

“Boy, I’d livestream this match, but it’d be career-ending and I can’t do that to Push. Oh ya, and my son’s career too, but we’re gonna demolish them for sure.”

Other notable duos in the tournament are Kanye West and Saint West, Eric Andre and a fucking talking horse (known for his interview work on Horsin’ Around), Slim Shady and Eminem, and many more.

We will be updating this article soon as the tournament begins, so remember stay tuned at Complicated Media for more.


ROUND 1: The Smiths

Willow and Will Smith had a tough loss against, Jadan and a dude in a Xavier Renegade Angel suit but atleast everyone had fun!

Eric Andre had a few words about his duo partner and brutal L.

Why the fuck are you guys surprised, it’s a fucking horse. Ya he can talk but he doesn’t have hands.

Kanye and Saint won their first match with no kills, how you ask?

Well losing is a choice and I choose to win

J Cole and Pump took their first match, one of most unique games of fortnite I’ve ever seen. Cole only mined for materials for 90% of the match, while Dr. Pump had exciting fights back to back, making quick work of them in minutes.

Plus many other duos were really cool too, if you want some story about them write it yourself nerd(I Hate Fortnite).


FINAL ROUND: Drake vs Push & Adidon

The story of this brutal game between Drake and Push could come out, but it’d tear familiess apart. But trust us. It is career ending, just don’t push us too hard. We do have this article done don’t trust me? Even the editor just said we better not release it.

To say the least, it’s nice seeing Drake hang out with his kid for once. #FathersDay

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