Crackheads unite to boycott Dave Chappelle for inaccurate depiction of crackheads

By Dimmagio

Ever since Dave’s show, people keep offering me peanut butter and crack sandwiches. Sounds good right? I’m allergic to nuts. Well. I mean. I still ate it, but I’m not happy with it. I’m not deathly allergic, my tongue just gets real itchy. Others were not so lucky.

17 crackheads die each year from peanut butter digestion and their is only one person to blame, “Tyrone”.


Easily Chappelle’s most famous character, Tyrone spread harmful stereotypes about crackheads eating peanut butter and crack sandwiches. This is certainly the cause of the crackhead peanut butter death epidemic.

Until Mr. Chappelle writes a skit where a crackhead eats filet mignon, my clients will petition to have him off of TV for good.

If you care about your local crackhead, you’ll know the right thing to do. STOP WATCHING CHAPPELLE.

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