PHEW! We sat down with Death Grips, they’re not that scary in person

By Yoshi Yui

Experimental Electronic Murder-Goth Jazz Metal Rap band Death Grips’ new album Year of the Snitch is slated for release on June 22, 2018. The Swallow Media™ team is scared to find out what’s on that record.

They’re quite popular at this point, and we feel it’d be rude, not to mention bad for our careers, to ignore their music. But we’ve listened to the rest of that stuff for the same reason and it’s all quite terrifying. Your songs give Jeremy nightmares, for god’s sake.

We’re not sure what to expect with this highly-anticipated record. What will be new about their sound? Will the record have a coherent storyline? Will Jeremy have dreams about drowning in spiders after this one, too?

Most importantly, what can we expect Death Grips to do in an interview? Are they violent people? Should I be worried?

They entered the room and sat down in chairs we placed about 6 feet away from ours.

For a moment, everything went still.

I slowly started reaching for my dad’s old Tippmann 98™ paintball gun I taped under my chair. I didn’t like having to keep it there, but, after listening to their last album, Bottomless Pit, I wouldn’t be surprised if they attacked me at any moment for no reason at all. Non-lethal stopping power. I could sense Jeremy reaching under his seat for his inhaler. They kept the peace, so I asked my first question.

Q: I remember feeling agitated, paranoid, and helpless after listening to Bottomless Pit. Are you still going for that vibe with your new record?

It doesn’t matter what they said in response, what I want to make clear here is that the conversation was actually really nice. I didn’t have to use my Tippmann 98™ on them once. Jeremy didn’t have to use his inhaler.

Despite looking and behaving like 3 aliens from different planets doing a bad impression of humans, they are kind and good natured.

I even brought out beers at one point and we all cheered and it was nice. As it turns out, Death Grips is actually just a really good group of dudes to smash a 12 pack of Natty Daddy with.

I previewed their new album Year of the Snitch, and I think I kind of liked it. I liked it like I like feeling like I’m going insane during an acid trip. You know? It’s frightening as hell but it’s kind of nice, too.

“They seem sort of like some straight-to-DVD 4th installment of The Matrix,” said Jeremy after our interview, “Kind of unnecessarily weird but definitely harmless.”

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