Baseball player changes walk-out music to “Mi Gente,” hints at sexy J Balvin collaboration album with bat sounds

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge has officially changed his walkout music to the 2017 smash hit “Mi Gente” by J Balvin and this can only mean one thing: Balvin is gonna make a remix compilation of Judge hitting baseballs.

We’ve all heard the music of J Balvin. The Colombian reggaeton singer has been pitching tents and drenching panties ever since he graced the earth with his erotic falsetto. The song “Mi Gente” was just one of many tracks to captivate listeners.

But the only thing more scintillating than that? That’s right. The sound of a home-run hit by none other than Aaron Judge. We all know the sound of a crisp wooden bat striking a 90 MPH fastball is the most orgasmic sound on the planet. Nothing compares to that momentary jolt that resonates in the air like an audible aphrodisiac.

“Mi Gente” made its Yankee stadium debut last night in Judge’s emphatic win against the Seattle Mariners. As soon as the song came on, fans swooned with pleasure, leaving them aching for a Balvin/Judge home run sound compilation album.

No plans have been made for the album but a new signing may be in the works. In attendance at last night’s game was an executive from Capitol Records who, after being present for the majesty that unfolded, is keen to sign Balvin and Judge for a collaboration.

“The song came on and my dick turned to stone,” he said. “But then I hear Judge’s bat make contact with a high screwball and I experienced an incomparably euphoric sensation. Fuck, I can’t even wear these pants anymore. I need this fucking album now!”

If the album does come out, it is sure to send listeners into carnal frenzies of sexual passion and desire. Not only that but it’s sure to be top-notch Grammy bait as well.



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