Does the ‘D’ in Tenacious D stand for something scandalous?!

By Courtany Schick

If you’re anything like me, you were probably up late last night, staring at your ceiling’s glow stars, licking Cheetos dust off your fingers and wondering whether the ‘D’ in Tenacious D stands for something super scandalous!

No, it “D”-oesn’t.

It stands for “defense”, as in, I’m going to have to create a solid “defense” for myself as a writer after this article drops. According to, basketball commentator Marv Albert once said in response to some seriously tenacious ‘D’, “That’s some tenacious D!” and Jack Black was all like, “Swoon! Imma name my band with Kyle Gass that, bitches!

But wouldn’t it be pretty scandalous if the ‘d’ really stood for ‘dick’?!

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