Afroman admits “Because I Got High” was about his Heroin addiction

By: Richard Slinger
Tuesday, June 19th, 8:28PM
Fredericksburg, Virginia

I was surprised to see Afroman at my local WaWa™ panhandling, and proceeded with an impromptu interview in exchange for 2 cigarettes and a compliment.

“Nice afro, man!” I exclaimed as I handed him 2 of my smokes, then we were off.

Richard: What are you doing here?
Afroman: I was gonna go to New York, but then I got high.

R: Sounds like some primo chronic you have. Wanna smoke? I got 5 on it.
A: I was gonna buy some weed, but then I shot dope,

R: Shot dope? Why?
A: I was gonna go to therapy, but then I found drugs,

R: How long have you been addicted to heroin?
A: Since New Years Eve Y2K,

I was thrown by his final answer as well. I was expecting him to say something something “Because I got high” too, but alas.

He then went on to explain how the song was meant to be a public service announcement to deter people from using heroin, but instead the record label twisted it (like a joint) into an Anthem for potheads everywhere.

Now I understand why he didn’t want to eat her pussy too, heroin.

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  1. Chris O'Donoghue says:

    The more you know… I was about to see if the man of afros is really a junkie by doing my own research, but the I got high.


  2. This is a haterific Jealous lie


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