Post Malone changes stance on cigarette ads; becomes Marlboro spokesperson

By Tim W.

It’s all beerbongs & bentleys…and Marlboro Cigarettes?

Fans of singer/songwriter Post Malone woke up to a series of tweets endorsing cigarette brand Marlboro.

Malone, known for his charismatic and cavalier attitude towards cigarettes and alcohol, was previously denounced by Post Malone in late 2017; stating: “I seen the ads when I was young – started smoking at age 7 – I regret it – it’s 2017 we need to put a stop to big tobacco! I will use whatever resources I have to fight the big fight! Let’s all work together, I know we can do it!”

Today it would appear Post has rescinded his previous statement, and now endorsing big tobacco again.

GQ and Big Trucker Magazine are featuring Marlboro’s new advertisement with Post, and sources confirm that all upcoming performances will be sponsored by the cigarette maker. Does this mean free smokes for fans?

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