Pusha T disses Kim Jong Un, divides the nation into East Korea and West Korea

By Yoshi Yui

Two monarchs at war, Kim Jong Un vs. King Push.

Rioting in the streets as North Korea split into two countries today, now to be known as East North Korea and West North Korea. The people are divided as a nation over a diss track Pusha T just released.

Kim Yellowface.png

The track, titled “The Story of Great Leader,” targets supreme leader Kim Jong Un. In it, King Push reportedly calls him “not that Asian.” He even goes so far as to mock Un’s father dying with lines like, “That man was il, il, il, didn’t have enough time to kill, kill, kill.”

East North Korea is in avid support of great leader. They claim that even the song’s title is an insult to his highness, as “great” does not even begin to describe the divine grace and crushing power of overlord Kim.

Meanwhile, West North Koreans have participated in violent riots, claiming Kim Jong Un is now “cancelled.”

Apparently, the West North Koreans had a problem with the cover photo of the song, which depicts Kim Jong Un in what can only be called “Yellow Face.” It showcases an extremely stereotypical and offensive take on your generic Asian’s facial features. They demanded an explanation.

His Highness Kim Jong Un has yet to respond to Pusha’s song, but at least he tweeted to address the photo.Kim Jong Un.jpg

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