Unkle Adams Says Internet Trolls Have Pushed Him To The Edge

By Peyton Stewart

We sat down with the one and only Curtis “Unkle” Adams to discuss his massive internet following this week. Here’s what he had to say.

Clearly you have a devoted following online. A lot of them poke fun at what you do. What do you make of this?

UA: I started this project years ago as a motivational idea for kids who are bullied. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect I’d be the one bullied. I can’t even go to Tim Hortons without thinking about the memes. I try to do something nice for my fans and do a run of mini records and I end up being trolled because apparently, they aren’t actually called mini records.

What do you think of Originalposting?

UA: Originalposting are nothing but trolls. The bad ones ruin it for the good ones. But to be completely honest, it’s basically ruined my life. People have gone back and made fun of my old tweets and made them go viral. I used to go to this bar called The Pump and thanks to Originalposting I’m banned there now. Thanks guys. Also I’ve had to file a restraining order on this Thomas James Aerelis something another guy.

After the interview was over, Mr. Adams called the local Subway and told them that he was a motivational rapper and asked if he could come in and perform for their customers.

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