Hanson, Where AREN’T They Now?

Richard Slinger

June 24, 2018 6:36PM

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The fate of the 90s Pop Rock Band Hanson doesn’t differ much from that of other child stars. Once the glitz and glamour has faded, and your dreams have been sniffed away thru a coke a straw, all that remains is despair.

The oldest brother Isaac, owns a dive bar on the outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The bar exclusively sells one craft beer named “mmmhops” a reference to the band’s one (s)hit wonder. There, he reminisces of “the good ol days” while snorting meth off of a bikers rusty switchblade.

Zac (the youngest brother) allegedly smuggles heroin anally for the Juarez cartel. He is known by his peers as “Dios Dorado” or Golden God. Little is known about him.

The middle brother Taylor, manages the “mmmhops” craft brewery located in Loredo, Texas. The company is rumored to be a money laundering front for the cartel.

The band still perform live shows at Isaac’s dive bar, and most recently on Mother’s Day in a musky YMCA gymnasium.

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