Scarlett Johansson rescinds transgender role, to play humanoid wildebeest in animated J Dilla biopic instead

By Kai Hellberg

Following a wave of criticism, Scarlett Johansson has forfeited her role as a transgender person. Instead, she will play J Dilla’s black mother Maureen Yancey, better known as “Ma Dukes” in a biopic about the late Detroit producer. But here’s the catch: Johansson’s character will be a walking and talking wildebeest.

“I didn’t think that liberal America would react poorly to my choice to accept a role as a transgender person,” Johansson said. “But after the extreme, incomparable hatred I experienced, I realized that choosing to steal a role from a marginalized community is probably a bad thing.”

The movie –tentatively titled “Dilla: The Biggest Donut in the Forest,” directed by Wes Anderson– will be an animated film and tribute to J Dilla featuring a variety of cooky and fun animal characters voiced by some of the most famous actors in Hollywood.

A cheetah version of J Dilla will be voiced by Michael B. Jordan, who voiced his excitement about the role in a recent interview.

“Man, Dilla was king back then, and it’s so nice to pay tribute to one of hip hop’s fallen greats by voicing a humanoid animal version of him,” he said.

Other characters in the film include the four original members of The Pharcyde as weasels (voiced by Terry Crews, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk and Fatlip), MF DOOM as a frog (voiced by Bill Murray) and, of course, Madlib as a pig (voiced by Michael Cera).

The Wes Anderson flick is set to come out in 2020 but a trailer will be released at the end of 2018, so stay tuned.


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