Hopsin’s new album to contain spoken word intro by Jordan B. Peterson

By John Marc Degaard

Conscious rap fans gather round, because this next story is sure to grab you by your crotch with gripping force.

Critically panned rapper Hopsin, who’s been releasing nonstop pan after pan for over a decade, has finally shared details of his 6th studio album, appropriately titled “The Bitch Deserved It”. The album is to detail everything that Hopsin as had to process, whether legally or figuratively, ever since he was involved in an altercation in September 2016 that detailed him assaulting his pregnant girlfriend in Australia.

To coincide with the roaring uprise on college campuses and a reaction to modern feminism, Hopsin will be including a spoken word intro by world-renowned psychologist, professor and pseudo-intellectual Jordan B Peterson. On being included on this next project, Peterson commented highly on Hopsin’s poetic ability and deep psychoanalysis that permeates not just the new album, but his entire body of work:

“You know? The radical left has been on the up rise for far too long, and hip hop has always been reprehensible propaganda that went against the status quo corrupting young minds with its very anti-authority image. Hopsin is doing good work by teaching these kids the philosophy of what it is to be a fully functioning member of society. Buy my new book 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos.”

“The Bitch Deserved It” is scheduled for release around the end of 2018/early 2019.

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  1. Fuck you says:

    Everyone who does not lick the boots of your political agenda of intellectual degeneracy and censorship is a pseudo lol

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    1. I’m sorry to see you feel that way! While we strive to share diverse takes on a variety of issues here at Swallow Media, we are conscious of our inability to please everyone. I’d like to politely apologize, on behalf of our entire writing staff, if we’ve offended you. Our effort to improve our narrative and how we communicate it is constant, and we want to make sure all of our viewers are aware of that. Thank you for reaching out to us and have a nice day!


      1. Two can play this game says:

        Well, I guess this sort of response is expected of the pseudo-journalists at Swallow.


    2. FUCK YOU TOO says:

      ok pseud also ur mom put her mouth on my privates


    1. Kujo Jotaro says:

      Your mom’s vagina

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