Nicki Minaj says John Wayne Gacy was supposed to feature on “FEFE”

By Yoshi Yui

Self-proclaimed rap queen Nicki Minaj claims “it’s not my fault FEFE was such a disaster. My original plan was to get the infamous rapist, serial killer, and clowning expert John Wayne Gacy talking about torturing men. Kind of a feminist anthem. The snake eats itself kind of thing, you know? A&R let me make the whole song before telling me John was dead. So we just went with the next sexual assaulting clown we could find, Tekashi 69.”

Minaj claims she had no idea that 6ix9ine had abused a girl instead of a boy, and that that had thrown off the entire song concept.

“I’m do take some blame, though,” explained Minaj, “I was mezmorized by Tekashi 6ix9ine’s colorful hair and got wrapped up in the clown thing. I was so excited that we had found another sexual-assaulting clown and that he was already a popular rapper. What are the odds?”

In all fairness, she and her staff had a valid reason to be confused. Nicki explained, “I just went to see the movie “It.” I thought that was 6ix9ine starring in it and was impressed with his acting. I wanted to support his music career. Turns out that was just some other clown. I see so much of John Wayne Gacy in Tekashi 6ix9ine, and in the moment I assumed he had sexually-assaulted a man. I was wrong, and for that I am sorry.”

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