Kane Brown Comes Out As Tri-Racial, Logic Jealous

Country star Kane Brown has been everywhere. The Billboard album charts, the singles charts, billboards and flyers all around, Christian Mingle, you can’t seem to escape him. He’s fresh off a hot new single aptly titled “Lose It” and it’s set to appear on his sophomoric effort. He’s selling out venues, arenas, and providing direct support for country legend and guitar virtuoso Brad Paisley.

But Kane Brown has been generating headlines for various other reasons besides his music and it may come as a deep shock to country fans who immediately assume their artist is a gun toting, white skinned, god-worshipping homebred American who loves his country more than he loves his groin:

He’s Tri-Racial

Not “Bi-Racial,” but Tri-Racial.

Yes the country star admitted in an interview that he is of mixed descent. His father is of African American descent as well as having some Cherokee blood in him, and his mother is white. Country music fans were surprisingly open and embracing his sound, as record sales continue to skyrocket.

While this comes as good news for Mr. Brown, the “tri-ple threat”, he’s been met with some jealousy, particularly biracial rapper and suicide hero Logic

“Man, this isn’t fair man. I mention that I’m biracial on a bi-weekly basis, and I don’t seem to get enough respect and honor from my musical community” says the diverse rapper. “Yea, I’m selling records and saving lives, I’m a nice guy alright, but this guy Kane Brown has me beat. I can’t seem to counter is racial dexterity. I need a new gimmick”

Logic’s latest project Bobby Tarantino II was released earlier this year debuting at number 1 on the Billboard 200. Kane Brown’s new album is slated for release later this year.

It’s a good time for country and hip hop and white people.

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