World Dental Federation Confirms Anthony Fantano’s Teeth “Only Fourth Best” in the Game

By Wil Hayes and Kai Hellberg

Sad news out of Geneva. The FDI World Dental Federation has declared the teeth of Anthony Fantano, self-proclaimed “internet’s busiest music nerd” and “best teeth in the game,” to only be the fourth best.

“We’ve had enough of Fantano’s arrogant and delusional attitude concerning his dental health,” said head chair Michael Sereny. “We believe that fake news is the enemy and dismantling Fantano’s continuous, duplicitous claim that his teeth are, in fact, the best in the game is the major step in the right direction.”

Fantano made headlines back in 2016 when he started reviewing memes on his now defunct second YouTube channel “Thatistheplan.” Preceding each review, he referred to himself as “the best teeth in the game.”

But such a bold claim was not going to go without being confirmed. For months, fans had been asking for his certificate, urging him to provide hard proof that he was indeed the best teeth in the game. But since then, he’s avoided questioning by opening his “fantano” YouTube channel and shutting down his channel claiming it was because the site continued to demonetize his videos.

Over one year later, the FDI has finally released their report claiming that Fantano was wrong, citing Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds as the true title holder of “Best Teeth In The Game.”

“I’m deeply saddened by the results of the World Dental Federation’s findings,” Fantano said. “I owe my fans a stern apology. I did not think I would be put in this kind of situation.”

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