Lil Pump And Kanye Release Terrible Song

We’re about to nominate a sexual predator as a Supreme Court Judge and we got this rip off of Tyga’s Rack City to worry about.

2018 has been an interesting year for Kanye. He put out 5 records where he handled the production: none of them were good. He praised Trump, a move that destroyed any chance of his albums selling more than 300,000 copies in one week. His fashion line has been making millions of dollars and despite being in a financial predicament, he’s been able to overcome his debt.

In a desperate attempt to remain relevant and try to cope with the fact that he hasn’t made a good piece of material since 2013, Kanye decided to up his creative ante by collaborating with the greatest rapper of all time Lil Pump. Now fortunately for Kanye, Pump has been dominating the SoundCloud Rap market for quite some time, landing multi-platinum hits and millions of streams all across the board. This collaboration would only result in acclaim, downloads, money, and egotism.

Boy was this awful.

This song sounds mediocre at best, and the music video is basically if you take David Byrne and strip away all of his talent. God I’m done typing, this song sucks.

2/10. Don’t even listen. Rest In Peace xxxtentacion

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  1. Mike s says:

    Lmao you say Kanye hasn’t produced anything good since ’13 but call Pump the greatest of all time. You on some crazy ass drugs. And this is nothing like rack city, fuck outta here with these bullshit comparisons that hold no value. Go out and educate yourself. Please.


    1. You want us to educate ourselves? Like book? No thanks. We prefer watching a looped video of Gordon Hayward breaking his leg during his 2017 Boston Celtics season debut game against the Cleveland Cavaliers

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