Local Punk conflicted about owning Unknown Pleasures shirt

By Jacob Babcock

“I owned it BEFORE it was trendy!”

Local man Jason Hornsby has been active in his local music scene since the age of 16. Now, as an 18-year-old he has begun using his voice to speak out against injustice in the community, starting with the commercialization of popular post-punk band “Joy Division”.

“I just think people should listen to the music before they wear it,” Jason said in an interview. “I bet if I asked every teenage girl I saw wearing an Unknown Pleasures shirt to name me their favorite Joy Division song they’d say Disorder or something basic like that!”

This isn’t the first time Jason has protested injustice in the community, just last year he, along with two others, protested the closing of local club “The Rat”.

“I had never been to the club personally,” Jason said. “But I just felt like it had so much history you know? Legends were born there.”

When asked to speak on the club’s numerous health code violations Jason had no comment.

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