Kanye West To Release New Album Titled “Yitler”

By John Marc Degaard

The music mogul has been making an incredible name for himself throughout the year of 2018. 5 records, hand produced by himself, 2 of which (DAYTONA and Kids See Ghosts) are easy favorites for hip hop fans and critics alike. But he has also more albums in the works to be released this year: an album with Chance The Rapper titled “Good Ass Job”, an easy AOTY contender just by namesake alone with its reference to getting a good ass job and doing a good ass job, and a new album titled “Yandhi”, a sequel to his acclaimed Death Grips and industrial hip hop influenced album Yeezus. What can fans expect from these releases? Well we honestly don’t know, but we know for sure that Kanye almost always delivers.

Now Kanye has another brand new project to be released that’ll be sure to stun even his most diehard fans: Yitler

Yeezus, Yandhi, and now…..




It’s no surprise Kanye likes to use his name as play on words relating to notable historic figures, with the obvious being Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi. He’s tooted his inspirations and aspirations for Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Pablo Picasso and many others often putting himself up there with these figures. But now, he’s furthering his historical agenda by comparing himself to the most notorious dictator in history: Adolf Hitler.

“We need to learn and love one another, as love is the strongest emotion that allows us to be better and improve ourselves as human beings” states Kanye. “I just want to profess my love for Hitler, since no one in the world has the guts to do it. He had an entire following dedicated to executing his dreams, and that’s how he was so successful in his career. Liberals and jews can’t bully me for my affection and adoration and expression; every artist and creator should take inspiration from him”
Regarding this statement, Kim Kardashian West overheard the headline and refused to comment, but is reportedly too emotionally traumatized from Kanye’s statement to give a proper response.

Yitler’s release date is unconfirmed, but should be expected to be released near the end of 2018.

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