Tyler Joseph comes out as furry, calls himself a ‘marginalized minority’

By Kai Hellberg

2018 has been one of the most tolerant and accepting years for celebrities coming out and embracing their different sexualities. No one could have possibly forgotten Janelle Monáe and Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie both coming out as pansexual earlier in the year.

But we’re sure that no one could have predicted this development.

Some guy named Tyler Joseph has recently come out as a Furry. And all of a sudden, social media is blowing up with his posts.

“It’s a fucking fandom, not a sexuality,” he said, despite calling the moment a “coming-out” moment. “Also, my community is heavily marginalized and I deserve to be recognized and respected as such.”

He’s also made it clear that his group is on par with the marginalization levels of different minority groups. “We’ve faced as harsh, if not worse, persecution than the most oppressed people out there. If I choose to shit in diapers and leave them on a stranger’s car, that’s my choice.”

What’s interesting, however, is that no one actually knows who this Tyler Joseph is. We’ve been told he plays in a band, but this is quite a common profession by most people. Nonetheless, we choose to honor this random individual named Tyler Joseph for his bravery in coming out and we hope he will prosper in his new identity.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. taylor says:

    what ? u don’t know who this guy is ? are u people living under a rock !


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