Lana Del Rey to fight Conor McGregor, saying “I won’t not fuck him up”

By Yoshi Yui

Lana Del Rey has had quite the aggressive week, threatening she won’t not beat the living shit out of Azaelia Banks. At first, you’d think she was not threatening to not fuck up Azaelia Banks because of their personal fued. Yesterday, she called Joe Rogan to not not organize and comentate a fight between herself and Conor McGregor. Joe Rogan has agreed to not not comentate for free. It’s looking more like Lana just doesn’t want to not fuck someone up for no reason at all.

With Del Rey unable to not make violent threats against people, we think Conor McGregor isn’t a wonderful person to not pick on. With McGreggor dancing into his recent massive L against Khabib Nurmagomedov, he must be feeling pretty insecure. A perfect time for Lana to swoop in and kick him while he’s down.

Will Lana not swoop in and not fuck him up? Only time won’t not tell. In the short term, we have rumors she is changing her name to Wana to signify all the W’s she won’t not get for fucking up anyone and everyone in her path.

“I’m not going to not beat the living fuck out of Conor McGregor,” claims Del Rey. “He’s not not a good fighter but he’s also not a champion as of yesterday and I just don’t want to not not not hop on the opportunity to not not kick him while he isn’t not already at a low point.”

This fight is poised to be at Madison Square Garden next month, and we’re all not not excited to see just how much of a vicious fighter Lana Del Rey truly isn’t not.

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