Joyner Lucas to Drop “I’m Not Racist Part 2: I’m Still Not Racist” With Special Guests Eminem and Tom Macdonald

As if the Caucasian Sensations of Rap Crusades couldn’t get anymore anticlimactic.

Semi-conscious rapper, race hero and late-bloomer star that isn’t Danny Brown nor that good emo band “Joyce Manor” Joyner Lucas is back, with more consciousness ready to be shared with thoughtful white teenagers across America. After his extremely viral video and culture-joining anthem “I’m Not Racist”, Joyner seeks to bridge the gap of color with a sequel to his provocative hit.

With a surprise release drop on August 31st of this year, Joyner managed to be one of the lucky few rappers to land a feature on Eminem’s new album “Kamikaze”, an album that was supposed to be a rectification of the insurmountable dumpster fire that was “Revival”. While this record was a surprise drop on the masses, it didn’t necessarily “Kamikaze” Slim Shady’s career.


Joyner is now returning the favor on his new single “I’m Not Racist Part 2: I’m Still Not Racist”, with a helping hand from Marshall Mathers himself. Here, Eminem will address the recent controversy he’s caused by dissing the newest generation of rappers taking over the mainstream audience. Regarding the feature, Eminem has declined to comment

Joining the two daunting heroes of this decade will be the self proclaimed “White Kendrick Lamar” or the hero of young white boys himself, Tom MacDonald. Tom was super enthusiastic to talk with us regarding his involvement on the track:

“Oh man, you know, I’ve been really tired of being oppressed for my white skin recently” said Whiteboy. “All these college students have been so anti-free speech that it was tough for me to really express myself through this modern culture. I wanna help these kids, but they just hate straight white men like me who wear dreads. It’s not cool. Fortunately for me, I have a rapper I look up to who happens to be white to help put some perspective with a younger audience, not to mention a black guy to help out!”

I’m Not Racist Part 2: I’m Still Not Racist release date TBA. In the meantime, Kamikaze is available on all streaming platforms, but so are other albums, so go listen to them instead.

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