EXPOSED: Beyonce caught publicly beating Blue Ivy at school’s potato sack race

By Yoshi Yui

22-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist Beyonce found herself in hot water this week as she publicly beat Blue Ivy at her school’s potato sack race during field day. Seeing as Beyonce is an adult, it was somewhat questionable for her to be participating in the race at all. I mean, not only is she taller and thus has a higher and longer leap, she is an adult who is fully coordinated and won’t fall over for no reason.

blue and bey

Beyonce took the gold medal easily, leaving 20 children in the dust whining that it wasn’t fair.

“It wasn’t fair” explained 6-year-old Dustin, one of Blue Ivy’s classmates. “She is so big. Just because someone says they belong in a competition doesn’t mean they’re actually a part of that demographic. She had physical advantages that judges completely ignored just because she is Beyonce. The integrity of the entire sport of potato sack racing is at stake.”

Blue Ivy is being a pretty good sport about it, even praising her mom for being such a strong jumper. Stockholm syndrome much?

Sometimes stardom gets in peoples head. It seems Beyonce’s ego has consumed her personality. Sickening.

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