Kanye West to Release Fart-Inspired Reissue of 808s & Heartbreak Titled “808s & Fart-break”

By John Marc Degaard

It’s been an incredible year so far for Kanye. The man has so far released 5 albums of 7 songs, which includes his own project “ye”, a collaboration with Kid Cudi titled Kids See Ghosts, along with one for Nas and GOOD Music artists Pusha T and Teyana Taylor. He dated Donald Trump for months until their recent, emotional breakup on Twitter.

Their relationship clearly is still important to him, as Yeezus himself has made a collaboration with the late, great xXxTeNtAciOn where Yhandi made disparaging remarks about all those pesky sexual assault accusers and how much they are lying hoes ruining nice men’s lives. Truly living that sexist Ghandi lifestyle. AND he’s unveiling his new line of Yeezys. What an incredible streak.

The man is on a creative roll currently and there’s nothing seeming to slow him down.

Now, Kanye has unveiled a new project that is sure to reshape the landscape of hip hop: a reissue of his classic album 808s & Heartbreak, but with production made up entirely of fart sounds. He gave us a sneak preview of his single “Fartless,” which can be peeped by fans and haters alike via that link above.

2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the album that sparked the current sound of today’s hip hop, and with the debut of Lift Yourself in April of this year, it’s not surprising that Kanye wants to move forward with his creative endeavor. After all, he’s been on a Poopity-scooping tear as of late.

You can listen to a sneak preview of the fart remix of Heartless aptly titled “Fartless” exclusively here.

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