Grammys Opinon: It’s Okay XXXTentacion, There’s Always Next Year!

By Jacob Rivard

The 2018 Grammy Awards had a lot of winners and losers, but no artist lost more than hip hop legend XXXTentacion. Last year, we were blessed with not one, but two piles of garbage from our Rap Messiah. Shockingly, neither of X’s feigned attempts at creating music were nominated for a Grammy. Instead, we were underwhelmed by totally deserving artists that worked hard to get their album out there.

Not all hope is lost, though!

It turns out that the Grammys actually come and go every year.

What a shocking turn of events!

With that in mind, we at Swallow Media have decided to write an open letter to XXXTentacion to let him know that next year is his year:

Dear XXXTentacion,

You’ve got plenty of time to create another forgettable album that will be parsed by critics and fans of music alike. 365 days is a long time! Think about it; you’ve got an entire year for your family and friends to mysteriously unearth more incomplete demos. I guarantee you they’ll be willing to cash in on your name! You don’t even have to worry about creating new music or spending time in the studio. Everyone that inherited your estate will take care of it for you! 

Next year is your year; I just know it!

They won’t know what to expect. They’ll say “there’s no way this dead guy is gonna release another album. He can’t do it. He’s dead!”. But I know you’ll prove them wrong! You’ll show them that you’re such a good rapper that you can release project after project even after you die! Very few rappers in history have done something as impressive and cash-grabby as that. That’s how I know you’re different from all these other rappers.

All I can say is, you’re a Rap Messiah and the savior of real hip hop. I’m sure that if your family and friends are able to churn out enough projects with your incomplete demos, you’ll DEFINITELY have a Grammy headed your way. All you have to do is believe! Believe that your estate will be milked for every penny it can possibly churn out and you’re halfway there!

With Love,
The Swallow Media Staff

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