XXL 2019 Freshman Class to Include Billy Ray Cyrus, Trent Reznor, Paul McCartney

By Jacob Rivard

After months of anticipation, publication XXL has finally released the 2019 Freshman Class. This new crop of hip-hop’s future stars is set to include up-and-comers like “Old Town Road” guest Billy Ray Cyrus, “FourFiveSeconds” co-writer Paul McCartney, and producer Trent Reznor. Each bring something unique to the table with their own rapping techniques and styles.

These young bucks are set to release their cypher at a later point this year, each showing off the talent that got them noticed in the first place. Billy Ray Cyrus, featured on Lil Nas X’s Billboard #1 single “Old Town Road (Remix),” probably hopes to use this newfound fame to achieve success he’s never seen before. After all, there’s no way a guy who wrote a verse like that could be considered a one-hit wonder.

This is also the perfect chance for these fresh stars to bring out the big guns with their talents. Did you know Paul McCartney plays guitar? We didn’t either! We also received word that Trent Reznor takes a lot of his stage design cues from Kanye West. With an eye for visuals like that, he’s bound to achieve success in the future.

Fun Fact: Before his big breakout on “FourFiveSeconds,” Paul McCartney played in an underground band known as The Beatles. Here’s to hoping his old music gets some recognition!

Other new up-and-comers from the 2019 class include Limp Bizkit, Moby, Linkin Park, and little-known California hip-hop collective

Weezer. Hopefully the chance at the XXL Freshman spotlight will bring some attention to this wave of unrecognized talent.

Congrats to the new wave of rising stars! We can’t wait to see the what you’ll bring to the world of hip-hop.

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