Confirmed: Playboi Carti Speaks in Wingdings

By Jacob Rivard

ATLANTA, GA. — After months of research, a team of linguists from Harvard have finally uncovered the secret behind Playboi Carti’s mysterious manner of speaking.

“We had to look everywhere — and I mean everywhere,” Chief Linguistics Officer Brianne Twiddy began, shuffling through a large stack of paperwork. “We tried to translate his meticulous fusion of words into everything from ancient Egyptian obelisks to forbidden eldritch speak. Heck, we even tried translating the Windows startup noise in hopes that it’d be a match. Just when we were about to give up, one of my fellow linguists translated Carti’s Earfquake verse through Wingdings — and it was a roaring success.”

At long last, Die Lit fans can finally translate what the hell Carti was trying to say on the majority of his songs. While Carti’s verses haven’t been fully transcribed into a common tongue us mere mortals can understand just yet, we can rest easy knowing that the secret to Carti’s ancient knowledge is safely guarded in a Microsoft dingbat font.

When asked for a comment on this stunning revelation, Playboi Carti had this to say:

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.26.13 AMWhile we may not know much now, one thing has become abundantly clear:

Die Lit AOTY.

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