Tyler, the Creator confirms IGOR is a companion piece to the movie IGOR

By Yoshi Wall

Los Angeles, CA – Although fans who have been anticipating the oft-delayed Steve Buscemi and Tyler the Creator collaborative album might have to wait a little longer, Tyler has revealed that we may have already received the next best thing.

While many millenials and zoomers might only know film director/auteur Tony Leondis from mainstream sellout normie films such as “Emoji Movie” and “Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch”, his crown achievement remains the avant-garde touchstone known as “IGOR”. “IGOR” made history as the first movie to ever feature John Cusack playing a character that wasn’t an insufferable sexually repressed incel. It initially received mixed reviews, but history has treated it kindly. It shut down RottenTomatoes.com for several weeks. It forced Daniel Day-Lewis to retire. It broke Roger Ebert’s scale and may have actually contributed to his death. Films like this don’t grow on trees.

Around the time “IGOR” was in post-production, Odd Future was formed. Odd Future had been making waves in the underground hip hop scene for a while at this point, but Tyler the Creator was getting restless. He wanted to be something bigger.

“I had been trying to get the OF movie off the ground for some time, and had been calling some big time Hollywood executives”, he told us. “That’s when Tony and Steve reached out to me, and said that they had this new movie coming out and that it was going to be like this next step for art as a whole. They wanted to do a multimedia thing, and I was going to be in charge of the musical portion”.

Tyler also confirmed that he had been working on the “IGOR” companion album for 10 years since its release, despite claiming that it is crucial to be listening to the album and watching the movie simultaneously to get the full “IGOR” experience. As to why the companion album was released a decade after the film, Tyler said that he was “too busy trying to convince y’all that I was bi”. Not much is currently known about how much creative control Steve Buscemi had on the writing process of Tyler’s album.

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