Logan Paul To Direct XXXTentacion TV Pilot

By John Marc Degaard

Los Angeles, CA — The saying “it’s so bad it’s good” is commonly used to describe pieces of artistic medium that fail to deliver on the creator of one’s work’s artistic diction. Albeit poor acting, scripture, mixing, performance, a splatter of poop all over a finely sculpted statue, etc. This is the opposite.

Logan Paul, a former Vine superstar turned YouTuber/Vlogger turned dead body cinematographer turned professional boxer garnered massive controversy at the start of 2018 for filming the corpse of a suicide victim in Aokigahara, a forest in Japan notorious for being one of the most prevalent suicide sites in the world.

A known activist for suicide victims since 2018, Paul is confirmed to be the director of the TV Pilot based on the life of the late XXXTentacion. Paul claims he is taking this role wholeheartedly, as he was one of the celebrities most effected by the rapper’s sudden death.

“His music meant a lot to me and got me through some incredible hardships; he actually inspired me to create diss tracks,” said Paul in an exclusive Swallow Media interview. “2018 was rollercoaster of a year. It started off rough, with the media covering a story on me that doesn’t represent who I am.  My actions are inexcusable, but I’m a good man who’s working extremely hard to right my wrongs. I respect dead bodies. I love dead bodies…It’s important for my brand to show everyone how much I love and respect dead bodies. I think my whole life was leading up to this corpse collab. It’s almost like X died to save my life.”

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