Kanye West to Release Greatest Rants Compilation Album

LOS ANGELES — In today’s fast-paced world of streaming, cementing a legacy is harder than ever before. Artists must stand out from their contemporaries while also creating authentic, memorable work that lasts long after they’ve passed on. Chicago native Kanye West seems to have the formula down with his most recent announcement; a Greatest Rants compilation album. Kanye West, while known for his music, is more than often remembered for his trademark rants. From the infamous Taylor Swift rant to the more recent TMZ outburst, a highlight reel of his best work will be available on all streaming services later this year.

“I’m doing this for the fans,” West said. “Everyone’s heard the Taylor Swift rant. Everyone. This is a time for unappreciated works like my Lady Gaga rant to see the spotlight.” The Greatest Rants album will feature timeless treasures like the live Jay-Z rant, the Sway in the Morning interview, and the eponymous Jimmy Kimmel feud. The rants themselves will be remastered to showcase the seamless quality in every syllable, a testament to West’s ability to speak off the cuff at the drop of a hat.

Here’s a breakdown of the tracklist:

  1. Intro (Kanye’s Rant on Homophobia in Hip Hop)
  2. George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People (feat. Mike Myers)
  3. Beyonce Deserved the Award (feat. Taylor Swift)
  4. Creative Director of Polaroid (feat. Lady Gaga)
  5. Jimmy Kimmel Beef
  6. You Ain’t Got the Answers, Sway!
  7. Wiz Khalifa Rant (Recorded)
  8. I’m Like Hitler
  9. Jay-Z, Call Me Bro (Live)
  10. TMZ Outro
  11. Beyonce Deserved the Award II (feat. Beck)
  12. BONUS: Letterman Montage

Kanye also announced that he’d be dropping a new rant later this year. When asked by Swallow Media what it would cover, he responded by saying “Keep askin’ and you’ll find out.”

The remastered Greatest Rants series will be available on all streaming services later this month.

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