A$AP Rocky Takes Bold Stance Against Sexual Predators That Aren’t His Friends

By Jacob Babcock

It’s been a tumultuous week for A$AP Rocky. The New York rapper is currently being held under investigation for assault in Sweden following an altercation between him and another group of men who had allegedly “followed us for 4 blocks, and slapp[ed] girls butts who passed” (A$AP Rocky on Instagram). So, given the context, is it safe to say that A$AP Rocky was merely defending poor, helpless women against a guy that wasn’t his friend? Thankfully, the answer is yes! Rocky has a proud history of owning a designer shirt that claims “we should all be feminists,” showing his dedication to the movement. We might even see him stop by Taylor Swift’s Ally Parade, if we’re lucky!

This does, however, call into question his relationship with A$AP Bari, who recently plead guilty to one of two counts of sexual assault. Thankfully, we finally have a statement from Rocky, who said that “the A$AP Mob never has and never will tolerate inappropriate conduct from outside members.” Sounds like Rocky’s ready to take a bold stance against anyone accused of sexual assault outside of his immediate circle. What a powerful statement!

It’s uncertain what will happen to Rocky following his arrest in Sweden, but we can count on at least one thing. Regardless of whether or not he ends up behind bars, Rocky will continue to fight for women everywhere who’ve been affected by sexual predators, unless they’re his friends or make good music. 

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