BREAKING: Tinder Date Also Loves The Office

DETROIT, MI — As if the universe itself played a role in their meeting, local Tinder matches Peter Novak and Mary Anderson found out that they both share a lot of similar interests — including their love for the hit NBC series The Office.

“It was crazy. Never in my life have I met someone that’s shared the same interests that I have,” Anderson remarked after her first date with Novak. “I mean, he loves The Office, his favorite coffee brand is Starbucks, AND he doesn’t use straws! What are the odds of meeting someone like that?” Anderson was especially impressed with her date’s choice in venue: the local Applebee’s in town. The two — almost at the same time — put an order in for mozzarella sticks, much to each other’s surprises. After finishing their dinner (both had ordered chicken tenders with no sauce), they discussed everything from The Office to their love of adventures (despite the fact that neither of them have left the country).

Anderson, an employee of an office herself, has frequently used the Tinder bio “Looking for the Jim to my Pam” in order to attract a potential mate. Shockingly enough, her fateful encounter of Peter Novak revealed that, yes, “Looking for the Pam to my Jim” was in his bio. The odds of this happening are nearly impossible, as calculated by statistical solutions firm DataJerk.

“She’s like the girl of my dreams,” Novak said, Applebee’s $1 margarita in hand. “She told me she wants to own a Golden Retriever when she’s older. I want to own a Golden Retriever when I’m older, too! Plus, her music taste is incredible. When she isn’t listening to her Ed Sheeran radio on Pandora, she’s got this whole list of radio stations that she cycles through in her Chevy Equinox. She goes from Imagine Dragons to Taylor Swift to Shawn Mendes in a heartbeat. Her authenticity is amazing!”

Their fateful encounter on Tinder was a match made in heaven, perhaps if heaven was made by a . Anderson referenced his group photos, selfie with a fish he caught, and his clever “Hey” as key reasons as to why she accepted his date. Novak, on the other hand, admired her Live Laugh Love banner, obsession with dogs, and love of pizza as to why he swiped right.

“I literally feel like he’s my soulmate. I mean, we’ve only known each other for a little bit, but it’s not every day that a guy would rather be at home watching Netflix with me than going to a party.”

The couple are set to go on their second date at Buffalo Wild Wings, where Novak will test the waters by ordering his favorite beer; a Blue Moon. Anderson, on the other hand, will test Novak’s music taste by playing her favorite song: Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. We at Swallow Media will keep you posted on how their future as a couple pans out.

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