Baby Yoda Starts Receiving Texts from Drake

DAGOBAH SYSTEM., — Hollywood’s youngest starlet has a new fan: Canadian rapper Drake!

Baby Yoda, the incredibly young, Force-sensitive being from the Star Wars universe, recently shared his sudden friendship with Drake in an exclusive interview with Swallow Media.

“Texted me multiple times, he has,” said Baby Yoda, who still needs his diapers changed to make it through his day. “Asked me about relationships late at night, he did.” Baby Yoda went on to describe multiple instances where Drake asked him what he was wearing, what he was doing that night, and who he was talking to. It must make Baby Yoda feel relieved to know that he has such an attentive friend in 33-year-old Drake!

Drake’s friendship with Baby Yoda seems to directly mirror his friendships with 17-year-old Billie Eilish, 15-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, and 19-year-old Bella Harris. It’s always great to hear stories of celebrities befriending other celebrities, despite their drastic age gap. How wholesome!

“Yeah, [Baby Yoda] is really mature for his age. I hope I get the chance to spend more time with him soon,” Drake stated in response to Baby Yoda’s stories. What a great compliment from the world’s biggest artist!

“Some people have called me a groomer for hanging out with someone as young as Baby Yoda,” said Drake. “I just don’t really get what combing hair and being stylish has to do with friendship. Maybe they’re just jealous. Bunch of haters.”

When asked where the friendship began, Baby Yoda wasn’t entirely sure, as his brain is still infantile and has yet to develop the capacity for many long-term memories. Sounds like someone’s keeping secrets!

The friendship of Baby Yoda and Drake seems stronger than ever, especially after Drake’s scathing Stranger Tings diss directed at Millie Bobby Brown. Lyrics like “I know you weren’t old enough for me because you’re only fifteen/But I wish you’d ignore numbers baby cause you were my queen.” It seems their friendship is all but toast. Bummer!


friendship ended
Drake’s Stranger Tings diss cover art

Here’s to hoping that Drake and Baby Yoda enjoy a great, totally-not-creepy-at-all friendship until Baby Yoda turns 18, where Drake will summarily cut him off for an even younger star!

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