Chip Skylark Releases Eminem Diss Track

DIMMSDALE.,– Looks like Nick Cannon isn’t the only one taking shots at Em.

Dimmsdale popstar Chip Skylark has joined in on the beef, going after Detroit rapper and famous old man Eminem. The My Shiny Teeth and Me singer, after hearing about the Cannon-Em feud, decided to throw his own hat into the mix in hopes that the diss track will reignite his career. Simply titled Condemn Old Man Em, Skylark’s diss track is on par with some of the meanest verses he’s written since his chart-topping diss track Icky Vicky.

With lines like “I wrote a song about teeth/and it’s still better than any song he’s bequeathed” and the catchy chorus of “A guy who just won’t retire/Would rather take his legacy and set it on fire”, this track is sure to catch the attention of old man Eminem. At worst, it’ll raise the rate of drywall and Mountain Dew sales with its release.

“I’m a pretty chill guy normally, but when I see my boy Cannon struggling to get off a good diss, I can’t just sit idly by. Last time I did that, I had to write My Shiny Teeth and Me to end the tooth decay epidemic. I hope this can end Eminem’s career because I know we’re all tired of hearing from that old fart.”

Cannon, on the other hand, was thankful that Skylark came to his aid — but hopes the beef ends sooner than later. The Nickelodeon cohort, after releasing his diss track, shared his thoughts on an exclusive interview with Swallow Media:

“The last time [Skylark] dropped a diss track, a babysitter’s life got ruined. Who knows where Icky Vicky works now? Anyway, I’d hate to see Em’s life fall apart like his legacy has. He’s already doing enough damage, sure, but I’d hate to see Icky Vicky bad if this beef escalates.”

The world eagerly anticipates the release of Eminem’s response track — mainly because they know that someone like Suge Knight’s son or whoever will probably drop something if he doesn’t respond fast enough. Many compare Em’s future diss and the future disses of other clout chasers to a choice between death by pistol or death by poison. We’re not sure what will follow, but we all know that the biggest losers of this beef will be us, the fans.

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