Grimes Announces New Project (A Baby) Named |!¤*’~“~’*¤!|

LOS ANGELES, CA.,– What better way to announce the birth of your new project than with an Instagram post?

This morning, Canadian singer/songwriter/ethereal being Grimes announced her newest creative endeavor — a baby! Set to be released sometime in October 2020, her debut child, simply named |!¤*’~“~’*¤!|, will likely be visually (and sonically) different from previous non-baby projects like Art Angels and Visions. Where these releases focused on music and production value, |!¤*’~“~’*¤!| will be a baby.

Long-term boyfriend and fellow fourth-dimensional figure Elon Musk was elated at the thought of a collaborative project. “It takes nine months to produce a baby. After that, you’ve got to make sure its debut gets critical acclaim. Then, you have to use the next 18 years to refine it and create a stable, functioning product. Though, our budget seems a little tight in that department (laughs)”.

The name, which, when pronounced, sounds like the dial-up connection noise, is the product of Grimes’ boundless creativity in and out of the studio. “I can’t wait for you all to experience |!¤*’~“~’*¤!|!” Grimes telepathically communicated to Swallow Media earlier this morning. “When he arises he shall bring the world to its knees. All shall burn. All shall perish.” Sounds like someone’s got some pregnancy cravings! Better figure out what’s for dinner soon, Elon!

|!¤*’~“~’*¤!|will be up against some tough competition at home, too! Grimes’ new album Miss Anthropocene, also set to be released in 2020, might just contend for more attention than little |!¤*’~“~’*¤!|. Time will tell whether |!¤*’~“~’*¤!| unleashes Ragnarok, dooming us all, but until then, get ready for plenty of updates on the soon-to-be mother and her eldritch child!

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