5 ways you can leave Kim and Kanye alone and give them privacy

By Yoshi Yui

January 5, 2021

Hidden Hills, CA – Kim and Kanye are reportedly getting divorced, marking the end of an era and the end of one of the world’s most famous and glamorous couples. Here’s a list of 5 ways you can leave them alone and give them privacy!

  1. Do not share nor respond to articles about them getting divorced. Kim and Kanye definitely do not appreciate it. They probably want privacy. Let’s give them some space, huh?
  2. Go for a walk. Sometimes the greatest lifehacks are the simplest things. If you really can’t help yourself around clickbait articles, maybe go take a walk outside. Unless you live in Hidden Hills, CA, a walk outside will likely have little or nothing to do with Kanye and Kim getting divorced. This is a fun 2021 spin on one of the oldest pasttimes there is: giving people space when they’re getting divorced.
  3. Masturbate to Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nudes. Some of you simply enjoy violating someone’s privacy. No problem! Jennifer Lawrence spoke out about how viewing her leaked nudes was disgusting and an affront to her privacy. Seriously it’s like so many photos, and she basically suggested looking at them is like assaulting her. Kim and Kanye need privacy NOW.
  4. Spend some quality time with friends on a social distanced Zoom meeting. We realize that many of you don’t have any friends, so just take this advice as it applies to you.
  5. Kill Yourself. This is a last resort, only to be used if you are employed by a media outlet capitalizing on celebrity divorces. It’s not like you’re gonna leave that shit factory and get a better job. You don’t proofread your own articles. Just do it.

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