J. Cole Entering 2020 Dunk Contest and Presidential Election

By Scott Wharton First off, I’m sad to announce the untimely death of Richard Slinger. Dick was a batty old kook who wrote sporadic bullshit, but we loved him anyway. Swallow has called me in to fill his hole, and although I’m not typically one for necrophilia, I decided to assume the position. R.I.P. Dick!…

Grammys Opinon: It’s Okay XXXTentacion, There’s Always Next Year!

By Jacob Rivard The 2018 Grammy Awards had a lot of winners and losers, but no artist lost more than hip hop legend XXXTentacion. Last year, we were blessed with not one, but two piles of garbage from our Rap Messiah. Shockingly, neither of X’s feigned attempts at creating music were nominated for a Grammy….