Action Bronson Opens a Restaurant Where Every Dish is Covered in Sweat

By Yoshi Yui Action Bronson has made waves on social media today with the exciting announcement of his new restaurant “The Sweat Lodge Hip-Hop Bistro,” due to open sometime in 2019. With his stardom being a huge leg-up against competing resteraunterus, investors were excited to jump in on the project without knowing much about it…

Joyner Lucas to Drop “I’m Not Racist Part 2: I’m Still Not Racist” With Special Guests Eminem and Tom Macdonald

As if the Caucasian Sensations of Rap Crusades couldn’t get anymore anticlimactic. Semi-conscious rapper, race hero and late-bloomer star that isn’t Danny Brown nor that good emo band “Joyce Manor” Joyner Lucas is back, with more consciousness ready to be shared with thoughtful white teenagers across America. After his extremely viral video and culture-joining anthem…

Brockhampton To Replace Ex-Member Ameer Vann With R. Kelly

By Jacob Babcock Meet the newest member of America’s favorite boyband! It’s been an eventful year for American hip-hop collective and self-proclaimed boyband Brockhampton. Back in 2017, they released 3 installments of their “Saturation” album trilogy to commercial and critical success, boosted by a ringing endorsement from popular online music critic Anthony Fantano or “theneedledrop”….

Kanye West To Release New Album Titled “Yitler”

By John Marc Degaard The music mogul has been making an incredible name for himself throughout the year of 2018. 5 records, hand produced by himself, 2 of which (DAYTONA and Kids See Ghosts) are easy favorites for hip hop fans and critics alike. But he has also more albums in the works to be…

Local Punk conflicted about owning Unknown Pleasures shirt

By Jacob Babcock “I owned it BEFORE it was trendy!” Local man Jason Hornsby has been active in his local music scene since the age of 16. Now, as an 18-year-old he has begun using his voice to speak out against injustice in the community, starting with the commercialization of popular post-punk band “Joy Division”….