Hopsin’s new album to contain spoken word intro by Jordan B. Peterson

By John Marc Degaard Conscious rap fans gather round, because this next story is sure to grab you by your crotch with gripping force. Critically panned rapper Hopsin, who’s been releasing nonstop pan after pan for over a decade, has finally shared details of his 6th studio album, appropriately titled “The Bitch Deserved It”. The…

Hanson, Where AREN’T They Now?

The fate of the 90s Pop Rock Band Hanson doesn’t differ much from that of other child stars. Once the glitz and glamour has faded, and your dreams have been sniffed away thru a coke a straw, all that remains is despair.

Drake can only afford billboard space?

Since “The Story of Adidon” was released, no one will book Drake due to the black face, AND he’s been paying child support out the wazoo to his previously unknown baby mama.