Grimes Announces New Project (A Baby) Named |!¤*’~“~’*¤!|

LOS ANGELES, CA.,– What better way to announce the birth of your new project than with an Instagram post? This morning, Canadian singer/songwriter/ethereal being Grimes announced her newest creative endeavor — a baby! Set to be released sometime in October 2020, her debut child, simply named |!¤*’~“~’*¤!|, will likely be visually (and sonically) different from…

Asahd Khaled Admits He Doesn’t Post to Instagram, “I’m a Baby”

Some claim that Asahd is living in his father, DJ Khaled’s shadow. DJ is a record producer and disk jockey who rose to stardom despite nobody ever truly enjoying anything he’s made. We at Swallow Media didn’t want to believe the rumors, so we brought in Asahd for an exclusive interview.