5 ways you can leave Kim and Kanye alone and give them privacy

Hidden Hills, CA – Kim and Kanye are reportedly getting divorced, marking the end of an era and the end of one of the world’s most famous and glamorous couples. Here’s a list of 5 ways you can leave them alone and give them privacy!

We Asked Each Democratic Candidate What They Think of Frank Ocean

HOUSTON, TX.– For nearly 7 hours, Democratic presidential candidates spent their evenings discussing their stances on climate, foreign policy, and the future of the United States. While the crowd posed a variety of thought-provoking questions, no question invoked further discussion than the one raised by our Swallow Media columnist Jake Rivard. During each candidate’s row…

Guy With Orange Beanie “Stoked” to Show You Band You Already Know

NEW YORK, NY. — With an American Spirit in one hand and an iPhone with a cracked screen in the other, local barista Tyler Johnson continues his five-minute lecture on artists you should listen to. You’ve reminded him multiple times that you know all of the artists, but your participation doesn’t seem to deter him….

Kanye West to Release Greatest Rants Compilation Album

LOS ANGELES — In today’s fast-paced world of streaming, cementing a legacy is harder than ever before. Artists must stand out from their contemporaries while also creating authentic, memorable work that lasts long after they’ve passed on. Chicago native Kanye West seems to have the formula down with his most recent announcement; a Greatest Rants…